He Is With Us

Love & the Outcome

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Rainy, Lazy Labor DAY

Today is Labor Day and I believe we are to be resting from our “labor”.  So, I slept in, ate brunch, and am now sitting down to pen an overdue blog.  I hear the thunder in the background and rain is evidentally around the corner.  I am still looking for a job – the one that God has picked out “just for me”.  I have been in some interesting interview settings and have been appreciative of the offers, but I feel that God has something “extra-special” in the mix for me.  My faith and patience are growing in this process of waiting, hoping, and seeking Him.  I rest in knowing that HE is in control and not me.  I know that through my weaknesses, HE is made strong.  HE is the lifter of my head and in HIS arms I find that peace that passes all understanding.  Knowing HE is in the driver’s seat frees my mind from worry and apprehension.  HE is GOD and I have given HIM HIS rightful place in my day-to-day happenings.  I have passed the torch to the ONE and ONLY ONE who can lead, direct, guide, and make the impossible happen.

Happy to be in the HANDS of the KING,


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Flash Mob for Jesus


After giving God the glory, shoes were left on the grass and donated.
This is one of the things on my bucket list: to either be a part of a Flash Mob or at least witness one.

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Your Love Never Fails by Jesus Culture

It feels so good to know I am in His hands, every day. His love never fails and no matter what comes my way…He already knew it and has a bigger plan than I can understand at this time. He makes all things good for those who love Him and have been called.

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My Good-byes to Summer

I had a great time hanging out with my husband, my son, my daughters, their husbands, and my grandchildren yesterday and last night.  We swam in the pool and grilled out ribs.  It is so good when we all get together every week or every other week.  My girls and their family live in the same county as my husband, Matthew, and I live.  My oldest daughter, Jessica and her family, live in Havana.  They have a Havana address and a Quincy telephone number.   They live out in the country, where their cell phones don’t get any service.  My youngest daughter, Mallory and her family, live in Quincy – down the road from her father-in-law and brother-in-law.  They live in a house that has been in her husband’s family for quite awhile. 

I am beginning the last week of what I will call my summer:Day 1- I will babysit Riley, my grandbaby, which is Mallory and Paul’s 2-year old daughter. Day 2-5 Getting my house and classroom in order.
My son goes back to school on Friday.

I go back to work on Monday, August12th…So here are my Good-bye’s to summer:

1.  Good-bye to sleeping in.

2.  Good-bye to staying up late and watching movies.

3.  Good-bye to “not having a schedule” and lazy-days

4. Good-bye to late breakfasts, which usually turned into an early lunch.

5.  Good-bye to coffee drinking on the back porch right when I wake up.

6. Good-bye to “no more bedtimes” and hello to early rising and in bed by 9pm.

7. Good-bye to Facebook and Google times.


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Constant by Francesca Battistelli

Okay, so this rainy day and listening to music go together pretty well. My husband is working in his barn and I am listening to music that ministers to me. I hope some of it will minister to you.
This video is a praise offering I am giving to God – thanking Him for being there for me – for being “my constant” in this life on this earth.

I have had a great deal of changes go on in my life in the past year.  I was hospitalized in December 2012 and at home recuperating for basically the entire month of December.  My blood pressure was playing tricks on me and I was sleep deprived.  God had given me a vision to help someone and they didn’t want my/His help.  That was very disappointing.  I went back to work in January 2013 and things just weren’t the same.  I had been let down because some people placed in my life had really not cared about my concerns.  I think I put more hope in people than I should have.  I learned to step back and be quiet.  During this time I bathed in my sadness and kept to myself quite a bit.  My family was worried about my health.  I had a job opportunity come my way and I sought after it.  I began working from home, but the amount of time needed to spend doing this job became enormous.  I was spending between 15-18 hours a day, 7 days a week working and I was having to take a great deal of time away from my family.  I was feeling very much alone – being at home all day by myself.  I could not do it any longer; it was affecting my sleep again.  I was sleep deprived again and very overwhelmed.  I gave notice in May and closed out that position on May 29, 2013.

It was the months leading up to December 2012 and the months thereafter that lead to me writing – something I had NEVER enjoyed and NEVER cared to explore.  Through my pain and hurt, God touched something deep within me that has stirred up writing.  It is like God knew that I was “all about numbers” (because I am a math teacher) and changed my ministerial purpose to being “all about letters, words, phrases, sentences…”  I thank God for this outlet.  It has helped me in this time of my life to press on…

Since May I have been interviewing quite a bit locally – in surrounding areas.  I have been offered positions, but all of them don’t start until mid-August.

I just want to step into the position that God wants me in and I trust Him in knowing which position that is.  Resting in Him and knowing that He is in control and He is there for me is such a “sigh of relief” for me.

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Keeping me Guessing by Francesca Battistellii

I guess this song portrays where I am at right now. I am holding on to Him and knowing that He holds tomorrow, I am okay with whatever tomorrow brings. He may be keeping me guessing, but I know He is in control. As life changes, as seasons change, as the scenery changes, I know that just knowing that I am in His hands is enough. There are some things that remain constant and He is that one thing that I can depend on. He always has my best interest at heart. As God opens and closes doors for me, I just ask that I am sensitive to His leading.
Truly still just a child…but I am His child.

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