About me

Hi, I’m Natalie Alday.  I have been happily married to Tim Alday since 1985.  I have 3 children: Jessica (born in 1989), Mallory (born in 1991), and Matthew (born in 1997).  My 2 daughters have children of their own.  Mallory and Paul’s daughter is Riley; Jessica and Adam have Junior, Reyna, Brennon, and Zayden.

Since about 3 months ago, it’s been just my husband, my son, and myself in our home, out in the country.  We live on the front 2 acres of 10 acres, where both my parents and my older sister live.  My younger sister and her husband live across the road from me.

I am a teacher and have been teaching for about 19 years, as of 2013.  I have taught in both public and Christian schools and have actually home-schooled in the past. I taught elementary school for 4 years and as of 2013, I have taught middle and high school math for 15 years.

I am new to writing.  About a year ago, God began giving me a new dream and it was to write.  I began typing my feelings out and sharing them with others, which was not exactly taken very lightly.  I had to learn that some things that I wrote were just for me and that God wanted them kept between the two of us.  I, then, contacted 2 local papers and began writing a column once a week.  I am currently still doing that and have been since March 2013.

June 25th, 2013, the day after both my daughter and my mom’s birthday, marks the birth of blogging.  I am looking forward to hearing from you, as you make comments.

Remember that we all are “a work in progress”.  What I write are more my feelings, my perspectives, or what God is saying to me specifically.  My goal is to hopefully bless someone else. 🙂


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