Don’t tell me that God doesn’t still speak through dreams… I know He doesn’t always choose dreams because there are so many other ways He may choose to speak to us.  But I had a dream a few weeks ago that I was to visit my old home church.  I acted upon this dream and I walked into the church and it felt like home. There were only a few familiar faces, but it didn’t matter. The praise and worship was an intimate adoration of our Father and set the tone for receiving God’s Word.  God spoke through the sermon and sharing of God’s Word.  How refreshed I felt and how at home I felt. I felt the Holy Spirit whisper to me and it felt like…”heaven on earth”.

Thank you Lord for choosing to meet me and for loving me even when I am unlovable.  Thank you for your leading, your nudging, and your gentle Spirit. Thank you for your never=ending kindness and your never-failing love. To spend time with you is like drinking from a fresh brook.

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