New Year’s New Beginnings


     I know as the New Year approaches and even as it passes, we all have thoughts that run through our minds.  Thoughts about  what we should change, improve, or do different.  New Year’s resolutions to make…Weight we should lose…An exercise routine we should begin…Taking Time to read a good book, or perhaps Taking Time to read the most important book, The BIBLE. The list could go on and on.  Such as doing better with household chores, keeping in touch with friends better, not staying up late, not wasting time on trivial things…Finding time to enjoy the outdoors…taking time to meet with a friend or taking time to give them a call…spending time with family.

The most important thing that I could do this year is persevere in knowing God better.  I need to listen more, read God’s Word more, pray more, encourage more, and take time to invest in people.

 I have always told my children that when we leave this earth, we will not be able to take anything with us But our relationship with God and with people.

As we all get ready to set sail on the road, river, or path…whatever it may be for this year, let’s not forget the important things that should fill our time: God, family, friends…people.

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