THANKSGIVING – time to be grateful

I am thankful for:

T – time to enjoy life, even the day-to-day ordinary things

H – happiness that truly comes from being a child of God and marrying a man who loves me unconditionally

A – always knowing He is in control

N – next to my husband, where we belong

K – Kin folk: children, grandchildren, parents, siblings, and extended family

S – Sanity – a sound mind given to me by Christ Himself

G – Grandkids gallore: I love them so much!!!

I – I am thankful for my job, great co-workers, and not knowing what the future holds

V – very grateful for health and provisions

I – In everything, give THANKS

N – never being too busy for family and friends

G – Groceries and good-smelling candles and a hearty fire


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