Riding out the Storm

I am reading the book, Seasons of My Heart, authored by Barbara Peretti…as she talks about little chicks beginning to hatch…”They would peck with their beaks, strain with their legs, struggle and fail, and then strain some more…We wanted to chip away bits of the shell to help the poor, weak chicks break free. But, of course, we didn’t dare do that. It would have made the chicks weak. In order to be strong, they need the STRUGGLING and FAILING and STRUGGLING again. It builds their muscles for the life ahead…so HE has planned to strengthen us…by allowing us to face struggles in life.”

We know that exercise strengthens us and hard times make us stronger.  We know that plants need to be pruned in order to produce fruit in due season.  So shall we experience heartache and struggles to exercise our faith in God.  By hoping and trusting in God and seeking Him with all of our hearts, we will weather the storms that life sends our way and in the process our faith will have been strengthened.

Picture drawn by Emily Kirkland, one of my former middle school math students.Image


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