Rainy, Lazy Labor DAY

Today is Labor Day and I believe we are to be resting from our “labor”.  So, I slept in, ate brunch, and am now sitting down to pen an overdue blog.  I hear the thunder in the background and rain is evidentally around the corner.  I am still looking for a job – the one that God has picked out “just for me”.  I have been in some interesting interview settings and have been appreciative of the offers, but I feel that God has something “extra-special” in the mix for me.  My faith and patience are growing in this process of waiting, hoping, and seeking Him.  I rest in knowing that HE is in control and not me.  I know that through my weaknesses, HE is made strong.  HE is the lifter of my head and in HIS arms I find that peace that passes all understanding.  Knowing HE is in the driver’s seat frees my mind from worry and apprehension.  HE is GOD and I have given HIM HIS rightful place in my day-to-day happenings.  I have passed the torch to the ONE and ONLY ONE who can lead, direct, guide, and make the impossible happen.

Happy to be in the HANDS of the KING,


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1 Response to Rainy, Lazy Labor DAY

  1. Cindy says:

    Very nice writings!

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