Breathing, something we naturally do, is something we all take for granted. Yet so many times we talk about getting “a breath of fresh air”.  What do we exactly mean by that?  I think that often times we become so stressed with the busyness of life that we feel we are suffocating or that we need to “come up for air”.  God has given us so much time in a day and we have to choose what we do with that time.  Some days are busier than others and cannot be as easily tampered with. 

Right now I am in the middle of my summer – my time off, but not a vacation.  I am actually unemployed this summer.  You see, usually, since I am a teacher my summer would be considered a vacation…because I would be getting paid and we would actually “vacate the premises” of our home and seek relaxation at the beach for a week.  This summer we have not had the income to do so, but even so, I feel such a “sigh of relief” because I have this time off to read, sunbath, watch my favorite movie, watch my grandkids, go swimming, clean house, or even,  clean out closets and get organized.  I feel that I can actually “breathe”.

I have no obligations anywhere.  No job calling my name.  “The sky’s the limit!”  I can take today and let it be “the first day of the rest of my life”.  I am looking at an empty slate and seeing that God can place me wherever He desires.  I have resigned the fact that I need to ‘no more’ look back in the past.  Every day is an opportunity to paint a new picture on a blank canvas. 

I am actually finally to the point of being excited about not knowing what my future holds.  I believe that I have finally let go enough to allow God to be in control of my future.  I trust Him to lead me and to open and close doors as needed.  Just resting in His presence is the MOST peaceful place.  Knowing He is in control and He will lead and guide as needed takes the pressure off of me.  Thus allowing me to “breathe again”. 

Getting  a “breath of fresh air” is like a type of cleansing of one’s self.  Kind of like cleaning out a closet…or taking a deep breath of a fresh linen…picking that fig off of your own tree and eating it…drinking a glass of ice water and enjoying every sip…With the breath of fresh air comes freedom and a sense of renewal.  The old has passed away and all things have become new. 

Spring cleaning would be another example.  Maybe that’s why God has to move us out of our comfort zones from time to time…because it keeps us “on our toes” and “at our best”.  It keeps us in check.

New job, new friends, and new routines help us to grow and learn and be stretched. 

All I know is that I know that God is in control and He can sit in my driver’s seat anytime.  Because when I really “let go and let God”, I can actually breathe and feel a sense of “Imagepeace that passes all understanding”.


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