The Roads We Travel


I’ve been thinking about the road least traveled on and the paths we take in life – some of our choosing and some not.  I picture a literal picture first.  Take for instance the road that leads to our home.  As we turn off of a state road to a county road and turn into the property where I live, there are 3 choices I have.  If I turn towards the left, I am taking the road to my older sister’s house.  If I go straight I take the road to my parent’s house, but if I turn right I am heading to my house.  If I go straight, the road that leads to my parent’s house breaks into 2 paths to their house.  The one toward the left takes you to the front of their house and the one toward the right takes you to the back of their house.  Now, back en route to my house: if while driving down the state road to my house I choose to take the next left before turning on another road, off to the right, that leads only to my house, that road would take me to my younger sister’s house – diagonally from the front of my house.  I live on a very dangerous curve and we seldom use the road that leads to the front of our house.  We take the safer, yet, longer road by way of the county road.

Why talk about roads?  It is a physical thing that helps us understand better the paths we take in life.  Some paths we purposefully choose while others we just look up and all of a sudden we are going down a path and did not even realize it.

It’s those paths that we choose; the ones that we go about making a conscious effort in that decision.  Many times the choices we make don’t make sense to us or others.  Also, these choices could be long thought out decisions or quite quick and rash decisions.

What we need to realize is that making choices ultimately resides with our own self.  We need to make sure that we have explored alternatives and weighed the pro’s and con’s.  We also must be willing to accept the consequences of our choices, even if the options we choose are not good ones.

When we know that something is right and we don’t do it, we are left with the consequences to that decision.  When we make a hard decision in a hurry, we must be ready to face those consequences as well.

Every decision we make should come about by much prayer and thanksgiving to the Lord.  We need to seek Him for counsel and be receptive to His leading.  We may need to be reminded that He has ordered our steps.  It is up to us to listen, heed, and then take action based on His leading and guidance.

Right now, I am all about “letting go and letting God”.  I have made enough “wrong” or “random” choices in my life to realize that if I allow Him to be in the driver’s seat that I am where I am supposed to be.  As I allow God to be in control and I release my hold on my decisions, I rest in His arms and I trust where I am.

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