Seeing God in Nature

In the past year I have learned to see God in most anything and everything. When I walk into a house or an office, I see him in the decor surrounding me.  When I take a walk outside I see Him in the very nature He created…flowers, trees, bushes, animals, a breeze. I just got a new camera from my Dad and I have so enjoyed photographing God’s beauty in nature. No wonder my husband feels so close to God when he goes hunting and fishing.  Just to be in the outdoors renews me.

Late June 2013 059 Late June 2013 060

As the breeze blows by me, I am reminded of the Holy Spirit- unseen but very much there.  You can see the effects a breeze has on the leaves of a tree, on the blades of grass, or on a tree limb swaying.  You cannot actually see it, but you can see how if affects the things around us.  Sounds like God to me.

Late June 2013 054 Late June 2013 055 Late June 2013 056 Late June 2013 057

As I see the beautiful colors portrayed in a sunset, a rainbow, or in the color of a flower or leaf.  As I gaze upon the sky and see the beauty in the clouds with the blue backdrop – the sky…His beauty is everywhere.  This world is so alive with His handiwork, His paintings, His tapestry.  How can we not look at it and stand in awe of our Creator?

May 2013 008 May 2013 163 May 2013 016

I see the work of His hands when I pass by a stream and hear the water flowing, when I feel the coolness of the water running through my fingers, when I lie in the sun -basking in the rays He has created to warm us up…When I step outside at night and gaze up at the sky – enjoying the view of the moon and His stars…I listen for the sound of the crickets singing to me, as if they were thanking me for taking notice.

0111131733 0120131311a IMG_0947 LaCresha's wedding 06-14-13 077

Sometimes the small and natural things in life, just take my breath away.  In my backyard I get to watch the bluebirds, cardinals, and yes, the woodpeckers fly around as if my backyard is their sanctuary.  As I watch them, it becomes a sanctuary for me and my Lord- a place where I can be alone with Him.

I stand in awe of His beauty as it is portrayed in the world around us.

IMG_0712 0618121129a

Take time to use your senses to see, hear, and even, smell the beauties He has set before our eyes.  Then take the time to thank Him for it all.

Late June 2013 046 Late June 2013 047

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1 Response to Seeing God in Nature

  1. Paisley says:

    Right on! I am at much the same place in time, appreciating creation all around.
    Thank you for inviting me to your blog ❤

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